OFFICIAL: The Superior Blog to cover Frankfurt IAA Cars expo 2011!

After a few weeks of uncertainty, its finally official that the Superior Blog will be on location at the 2011 IAA Cars Expo in Frankfurt, Germany during the closed pressdays September 13 – 14!


We are extremely honoured for this invite, and will do everything we can do report as much as possible; in our own unique and genuine way. Expect a fully charged Superior-blog team give it everything they got to make use of this golden opportunity to watch the car industry at its grandest stage!



This expo is the King of Kings when it comes to size, as it currently has about 900+ exhibitors and the number of visitors is not shy of 1,000,000 (!!!) for the entire even which lasts for a full ten days. With this being our first major international expo we’ll just step in there and do our best, if we can find the diamonds in the rough among the 200+ world premieres I think we’ll be fine… 😉



On location we will make it our priority to try through Mikael ”Micke_J” Jarosinski and Pierre ”Sir_Pierre” Ingelsgård eyes to share the experience of this insanely huge expo. We’ll have more then one camera following us doing everything from features, interviews and having some internal discussions.



We’ll stay strong to our roots as normal car enthusiasts (= auto geeks), and I promise you wont see anyone trying to be wittier then Jeremy Clarkson or some stiff robots talking about the cars. We’ll just be… ourselves. Lets just wait and see if thats a good or bad thing for the coverage is released!


Along with us we are bringing one of our ace photographers from the SUPERIOR SELECTED stable in Martin ”BILBILDER.SE” Persson (Check out his Facebook HERE). With his skills you can expect a lot of quality photographs of wide variety.


Being a microscopic David vs Goliath here, we’ll focus strictly on what we and our loyal readers like- and hope it will gain new audience as well. Keywords are casual and care-free, with a pinch of passion and almost childish enthusiasm for what we do!


There will be plenty of news of this coming up the whole way up until the event, and we hope for many requests from our readers on what to keep an extra eye on. If you are a media outlet or from the press and wish to take part of our material, we welcome you sincerely to CONTACT US with inquiries.


We would like to thank all of you who have supported us this season to make huge strides and achieve goals way sooner then we expected for our rookie season.


With that said, we now need your support more then ever- so we appreciate any initiative to help us along the way. From just spreading our work, to writing a positiva comment below. Thanks!

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