Celebrating a minor upgrade to the blog with a pic of pure Superior love!

We are keeping busy building the future, and ahead of a big series to follow during winter- we thought about upgrading our Blog a bit with a larger content window.

Not sure you can see the changes, except for old posts being a bit ”all over the place” now, but lets see if this picture by Carl Kjellberg can help you see the upgrade in size:

(Shot during TIMEATTACK.NU Round III, Mantorp Park- this is one of the best emotional pics I have seen this summer. Smiles, gamefaces and one hell of a machine combining many elements that make Superior what it is!)

Just to test around a bit, here is another pic of the ”old” full size:

(Another masterpiece by Carl Kjellberg who shot this made 4WD Audi drivetrain Mini during Gatebil Mantorp 2012.)

We will continue to make small improvements just so the ”final chapter” of this blogs history will be a pleasant one.

After that… its time to step into the future which could be all black or bright white. Only time can tell what our plans are…

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