#1 Superior choice: DubRolles Toyota KE70 old school crossover/hybrid JDM-winner!

When a guy has over 30 car builds in his trunk, ranging from every kind of car culture possible- you know something epic will happen more often then not every time a new project is started by that very same person.

Our own co-host SIR_PIERRE can tell after many years admiring; and pondering to buy some of Roland ”DubRolle” Zetterström builds the past couple of years- that he is the real deal.

Anyway, this year he did so well that he is without further ado, our Superior choice of ELMIA 2012 EXPO with this ”bastard” Toyota KE70:

Its hard to know where to start trying to describe this old school beast that is more stuffed with different trends then you can probably count. The easiest way to brand it is… fun!

”DubRolle” said plenty of memorable things when we interviewed him about it, and on top of the list a quote like ”I was hoping to build more of it in carbon/kevlar, so it would be easy for tire explosions that ripped through the bodywork”. And the big bits of this precious (and very strong) material is definitely a good starting point to talk about:

Its something thats usually found on hardcore race cars, and the same can be said about the 36 metres of material roll cage that ”Rolle” has custom built = its not built to just shock and impress fanboys– its built to be used as well:

We were already from our first meeting trying to persuade him to hit up either a TIME ATTACK EVENT or possible one of the Swedish drift meets to prove his point. And I don’t think he was kidding when he said he would definitely do it.

One of the keys for it to finally run properly and without being scared of wrecking it; was the engine. Which also deserves a bit of extra attention as its not what you’d expect from such a hardcore JDM build:

Is it a 1JZ-GTE?” or maybe something cool and odd like a turbo converted old AE90 engine to keep things strictly JDMBut you will be disappointed if you are a purist.

In fact, its one of the most common engines you can find on Swedish road, a 5 cylinder Turbo from a Volvo V70R!

Its been a bit modified with a larger turbine, better camshaft and general ”boost up” modifications. But talks are leading towards a more serious 450HP engine build which most skilled Swedes can do in their sleep with this trusted platform…

If you are not obsessed with these details, you will forgive the ”non-JDM” engine and look closer at everything else that will make even the most diehard fundamentalist twitch. Such as the front lights, exclusive for the Japanese Domestic Market.

Rolle kept his crosshair to the far east, and even incorporated some mainstream yet still not entirely cleared significant details such as the ”Idlers” markings on the tires:

They truly earn their place as the founding father of Rauh Welt, ”Nakai-San” would probably gladly accept ”Rolle” into the club circuit freaks in his clientele are a part of (Idlers).

The Compomotive wheels also do their best testing the eye of the beholder if they are old and plain or just fit the build perfectly.

To sum this up and end things with a bit of a motivation to why this ”Cocktail of car culture” freak of a build caught our eye and also persuaded our photographers RANI GILIANA and MARTIN PERSSON– I think all you need to do is re-read the text and understand there is (once again) not an advance reason.

We just… like our stuff mixed! Like people using their imagination, well beyond the ”set rules” some far more boring car builders waste yours and our time with!

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A huge congratulations to Roland ”DubRolle” Zetterström for such an impressive build, and a highly fitted choice as a genuine car builder + enthusiast that can take the title Christoffer Geiros Audi A4 took last year with pride.

You are more then welcome to see the REST OF THE LIST HERE and give us your feedback on how you liked our picks on OUR FACEBOOK. Thanks again for sharing our work if you really enjoy it!

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